From Pencil to Mouse by Kerry Grady

Documenting a Journey Driven by a Passion for Design

From Pencil to Mouse by Kerry Grady — open

Four Decades of Design Innovation

For more than 40 years, graphic designer Kerry Grady has been a pioneer at the crossroads of technology and artistry. The Chicago-based designer came from humble beginnings and has scaled the heights of the design world through a relentless pursuit of creativity. His work is widely regarded as a testament to the power and affecting quality of ingenious design.

From Pencil to Mouse by Kerry Grady

The Art and the Artist

From Pencil to Mouse: Forty Years of Graphic Design is the first and only comprehensive collection of Grady’s work. Authored by Grady himself, the book offers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at his upbringing and education, design philosophy and the topics or influences that have shaped his career, including: the criteria for good design, Swiss modernist design influences, how technology has impacted the progress of design and the relationship between designer and client.

A Handheld Design Show

The stunningly printed, limited-edition 400-page volume is part retrospective and part inspiration for a new generation of graphic designers looking to make their mark. Each page is interspersed with examples of Grady’s work and commentary on the conception and execution of the piece, along with Grady’s thoughts on how his designs are influenced by and fit into large conversations — be it culturally, technologically or politically. Printed on a Fuji JPress inkjet printer and perfect-bound via Layflat PURbind technology, the book leverages the quality of Accent Opaque to provide a vibrant demonstration of some of the most influential graphic design work of the past 50 years.

From Pencil to Mouse by Kerry Grady — back cover

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