CMYK Print Guys

Adobe Max: CMYK Augmented Reality Print Guys

CMYK Print Guys - Social

CMYK Speaks for Itself

Adobe MAX is known as the “Creativity Conference,” so it was the perfect setting to bring Accent Opaque to life. Each Print Guy is printed on Accent and features a different CMYK color — and each tells its own story through the magic of augmented reality.

CMYK Print Guys - Printed

AR Makes the Print Guys Talk

Scan a Print Guy with the International Paper app and he or she will tell you all about what makes their ink color special. Adobe MAX attendees had the chance to collect Print Guys in every color to make a set. After all, you can’t have Cyan without Magenta, Yellow and Black!

These Guys are Social

After Adobe MAX, the Print Guys sparked even more conversation as attendees shared them at work, at home and on social media. They’ve truly taken on a life of their own.

CMYK Print Guys - Group

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