Big Pad Promo

Big Pad Promo

Big Pad Promo


As customers migrated to working outside of their traditional office settings, we decided to reach out to them by making a funny and over-the-top promo. We thought big, printing on 12x18 notepads and including a massive pencil for each set to send to designers to take with them and use.

Big Pad Promo


The notepads were printed with three sets of 10 sheets, then collated and bound. They were padded with a chipboard and wrapped with Accent cover paper. The project was printed 4-color black on the J press, with the logo being printed on black and clear on a Xerox toner machine.

Big Pad Promo

Big pad

Ultimately, we created several different notepads — some were lined while others included grids or were left blank and could be used as sketch pads  — for the purpose of connecting with design clients during a time where face-to-face meetings weren’t an option.

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