Casino Night

Casino Night Interactive Invite

Casino Night Invitation

A High-Rolling Annual Event

Each year Suttle-Straus honors their employees with a special employee awards night. To help celebrate their 40th annual event, they focused on a casino theme, complete with an interactive invite designed to set the stage for a great evening.

Roll the Dice

Each box sleeve and RSVP were personalized with the employee name using variable data. When you slide open the invitation, you not only find “poker chips” to RSVP for the event and select your dinner, but the package actually turns into a craps board complete with real dice! Players can take turns rolling the two dice and betting by placing chips in the marked sections of the board.


Casino Night Invitation
Casino Night Invitation

Fun for Home

Unfortunately, shortly after the invites were distributed, the pandemic sent us all into lockdown, so the event had to be cancelled. But at least the employees of Suttle-Straus had something to help pass the time at home!


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