Humana Medicare Enrollment Package

Humana Medicare Enrollment Package

Humana Medicare Enrollment Package

Quality in Every Detail

Each year, Humana releases their annual enrollment package for Medicare insurance to prospective consumers with information about programs, services and benefits offered. The 2018 Medicare Enrollment Package is an impressive collection of premium International Paper and Accent Opaque papers.

Humana Medicare Enrollment Package

An Array of Accent

The cover of the booklet is printed on Accent Opaque White Super Smooth 80 lb. Cover and opens up into a tri-fold panel with high-level summary information to help create the right Medicare plan for each consumer. As recipients move through the booklet, they come across various insurance forms to complete, all printed on various Accent Opaque stocks. The back cover of the booklet includes a flap that has been scored and folded to create a folder for all of the completed Medicare forms.

All About the Partnership

Consumers that enroll in a Humana Medicare plan are able to collect everything they need for insurance in one high-quality package, and in turn, gain a health and wellness partner.

Humana Medicare Enrollment Package

This Project Made Possible by Accent Opaque

Quality, Performance, Results
With so many sizes, weights and finishes, where you put your Accent is entirely up to you.
The Paper

Accent Opaque White Super Smooth 80 lb. Cover

The Printer

Coral Graphic Services, Inc. and RR Donnelly and Sons