Ideas of America Coloring Book

Ideas of America Coloring Book

Belmont Coloring Book

An Educational Opportunity

Belmont University was a host site for the final presidential debate in the 2020 election, and to help children in Nashville gain an understanding about the event happening in their backyard, Belmont’s Debate 2020 Community Outreach subcommittee dreamed up the idea of a coloring and activity book about the election process.


A Local Partnership

Belmont partnered with Metro Nashville Public Schools to ensure the coloring book matched expectations and learning standards as part of the MNPS fall curriculum. MNPS then distributed the book for free to 30,000 students in kindergarten through fourth grade, broadening the educational impact of the debate on the local community.

Belmont America Coloring Book
Debate Coloring Book

Ideas of America for Everyone

In addition to being distributed to local schools, the book was included in the gift bags of more than 800 media members who came to Belmont’s campus to cover the debate, demonstrating the university’s commitment to educating people of all ages. The printed piece was so popular that Belmont made it available for anyone to download.

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Illustrator: Myles Ketelsen

Art Direction: April Hefner, Anna Howard