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LawrenceInk's Guide to Inkjet Paper

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A truly innovative swatchbook

To demonstrate its inkjet capabilities and the versatility of its house sheet Accent Opaque, LawrenceInk teamed up with Canon Solutions America and International Paper to create the Guide to Inkjet Paper. Traditionally, swatchbooks are the domain of the paper mill, but LawrenceInk’s Guide goes far beyond the traditional swatchbook. 

The potential of Inkjet + Accent Opaque

The Guide to Inkjet Paper showcases both the selection of Accent Opaque and Williamsburg that LawrenceInk stocks — every single sheet approved to run on the Océ VarioPrint® i-series — as well as how each finish and weight looks when printed with inkjet. The team chose a series of complex images with varying gradations of light, a range of vibrant colors, and plenty of texture to reveal the VarioPrint i-series’ full potential. These graphics are punctuated with negative space to show off the bright white of Accent Opaque. 

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A team effort for the win

The Guide to Inkjet Paper is a testament to the benefits of inkjet. What’s more, the Guide is interactive, engaging the viewer with an augmented reality experience that can be accessed using International Paper’s IP4D app. LawrenceInk had a specific message for its customers and used creativity and collaboration — uniting the OEM, the mill, and the printer — to bring that message to life.

This Project Made Possible by Accent Opaque

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