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Saint Peter's Viewbook

Saint Peter’s University Viewbook

The Paper

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The Printer
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The Overview

A View of Student Life


A viewbook is a special brochure that colleges or universities create to give prospective students a detailed look at what student life is like. These brochures often include an overview of academic programs and fields of study, as well as a glimpse of campus life. New York City’s Saint Peter’s University needed a viewbook that connected the school’s strong academic tradition to the rich cultural diversity of New York City to demonstrate how Saint Peter’s offers a well-rounded collegiate experience. 

Saint Peter's University Viewbook Spreads

The Details

Showcasing a Diverse Learning Environment


The goal of the Saint Peter’s University viewbook was to create an emotional connection with prospective students via dynamic photography and imagery. The university’s vibrant, urban setting was to serve as a backdrop to demonstrate the kinetic nature of campus life, along with the variety of unique social and cultural components of its diverse student body. 

The viewbook also needed to highlight how Saint Peter’s puts students in a position to succeed via an inclusive environment where students can explore a range of academic disciplines. 

Viewbook portrait insert

The Results

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words


Raúl Peña of Yes& | Lipman Hearne designed a stunning viewbook using a series of student portraits and journalistic photos to showcase the kind of unique, individualistic college experience that Saint Peter’s can provide. The heavy visual nature of the viewbook also tells a rich, compelling story of what makes Saint Peter’s a world-class university with a worldly approach to higher education. The crisp, clean nature of the student portraits forges a deeper, more immediate connection with prospective students that would be difficult to achieve with large bodies of text.