Accent Sketchbook

Screen-Printed Accent Sketchbooks


Hands-On Event Swag

The Sylvamo booth at HOW Design Live 2019 featured guest artists Joe Tallman and Alison Weust of Flat Planet Press, who designed custom artwork and helped event attendees screen print their own Accent® Opaque sketchbooks.

Out-of-this-World Art

Both cover designs pay homage to the Accent swatchbook while also drawing inspiration from the comic book artist Jack Kirby, an illustration style that explodes off the page and is heavy on the cosmic blasts.

Accent Swatchbook
Inside the swatchbook

One-of-a-Kind Sketchbooks

Thanks to each person’s different physical approach to the screen printing process, no two sketchbooks were alike. Flat Planet may have created the cover artwork, but each HOW attendee put their own Accent on it, resulting in 1,200 truly unique Accent sketchbooks.

This Project Made Possible by Accent Opaque

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With so many sizes, weights and finishes, where you put your Accent is entirely up to you.
The Paper

Accent Opaque Smooth 120 lb. Cover 

Accent Opaque Smooth 80 lb. Cover

The Printer

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The Designer