Superhero Postcards

Six Superhero Postcards

Count Calcula

A Set of Superheroes

The right cover stock can save the day, and the Accent Superhero postcard set demonstrates that perfectly. Printed on a single-ply sheet of 120 lb. Accent® Opaque Cover, each superhero represents one of Accent’s many strengths: Captain Contrast speaks to its high brightness and blue-white shade, Mr. Robusto represents its extreme durability and Count Calcula stands for Accent’s cost savings.

Heroic Qualities on Display

From vibrant colors and bolder blacks to 97 brightness, every invincible aspect of Accent Opaque is personified in stunning detail. Released as a pack of six in an Accent red envelope (also printed on 120 lb. Cover), each postcard also employs a unique finishing technique such as embossing, foil stamping and fluorescent inks.

Stunning Darkness
Superhero Cards

Accent Saves the Day

The Accent Superheroes promise stellar print performance for those who spec Accent Opaque 120 lb. Cover. The postcard sets, with their heroic characters and fun spirit, were such a hit that they inspired poster-sized versions, too.

This Project Made Possible by Accent Opaque

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With so many sizes, weights and finishes, where you put your Accent is entirely up to you.
The Paper

Accent Opaque 120 lb. Cover

The Printer

The Designer