Ticonderoga Storybook Mailer

Ticonderoga Storybook Mailer

The Ticonderoga Mill Comes to Life

The Ticonderoga Mill, where Accent Opaque is produced, is a magical place. On the eastern edge of the Adirondack State Park, nestled between Lake Champlain and Lake George, the mill is surrounded by six million acres of protected land, including dense forests, pristine waterways and impressive mountain peaks. This three-part storybook-themed dimensional mailer tells the story of Ticonderoga.

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AR on Mailer

Augmented Reality Adds to the Story

Each panel tells a part of the Ticonderoga story: the mill’s fairytale-like setting, how International Paper helps to care for the land and Accent’s focus on sustainability. Papercraft figurines make the scene 3D. And there’s more interactivity: scan each panel using the IP4D AR app to see video footage of the mill and the natural beauty that surrounds it. 

A Closer Look at Accent

Many people love Accent Opaque, but few know where the paper comes from or how it’s produced. The Ticonderoga Storybook mailer introduces people to an important part of the story: the natural resources that make Accent possible, and how International Paper is stewarding them for generations to come.

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