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The Watermark Marketing Kit

The Watermark Luxury Hotel Application Sample Package

The Papers

The Folder
Accent Opaque Heavyweights 130 lb. Cover

The Paper Samples
Accent Opaque Indigo Treated 3-star Super Smooth 60 lb. Text
Accent Opaque 9 pt. Super Smooth with ImageLok®
Hammermill Premium Laser Print 32 lb.
Hammermill Premium Color Copy Cover 80 lb.
Hammermill Fore Multi Purpose 24 lb.
Springhill Index Green 100 lb.
Springhill Canary Vellum Bristol 67 lb. Cover
Williamsburg 94 Opaque Offset 70 lb. Smooth
Williamsburg 94 Opaque Offset with ImageLok 50 lb.

The Designer
The Printer
The Watermark Folder

The Overview

A Stylish Destination


If you’re going to take a holiday, you might as well take one in style, and style is definitely the operative word when describing the guest relations sample kit for The Watermark, a fictitious luxury hotel brand. The welcome packet serves as a shining example of how brands in the travel and hospitality industry can create premium print marketing pieces designed to heighten the customer experience, and it also demonstrates how the synergy between Sylvamo’s papers can help communicate the value of a high-end, unique brand. 

The Watermark pieces

The Details

A Folder to Behold


Using a combination of Accent® Opaque, Hammermill®, Springhill® and Williamsburg paper, we created a sleek guest experience folder featuring a variety of elegant print pieces designed to make a guest’s stay at The Watermark something worth talking about. The versatility of Sylvamo paper and the compatibility with specialty finishings allowed us to design each piece with ultimate creativity and detail.

The folder, which featured Pantone® gold on the logo and a UV finish, included a postcard; a bi-fold pamphlet about The Watermark’s business center; a tri-fold restaurant menu; a menu of spa services; branded letterhead and notepad; a valet ticket; a laundry service flyer; and a ticket for a movie night event. The interior of the folder was also die-cut to provide additional pockets to house the print materials. 

The Watermark Kit

The Results

Print that Tells a Story


Pairing the versatility and superior print quality of the Sylvamo family of paper brands with the refined, classic stylings of The Watermark’s design and branding concept tells a compelling story about the power of print to resonate with an audience. The Watermark guest relations folder also demonstrates how Sylvamo’s outstanding printability and color quality can help high-end, boutique brands make a statement with their investment in print and communicate with a little extra gravitas.